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Alpha Bright Asset Management is an asset management firm that provides professional and institutional investors with direct access to high-quality assets worldwide. We leverage core competencies in technology, risk management, and global networks to drive efficient investing in dynamic market conditions and deliver a superior financial experience. We offer carefully structured investment products and elite advisory services to individual and institutional investors while engineering fund management solutions for financial institutions. Alpha Bright Asset Management is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Our minimum to open an investment account with us is 1 million USD.


Using leading-edge quantitative techniques, our unique approach to investing provides the adaptability and contextual decision-making usually associated with fundamental managers, but within a purely quantitative, risks- controlled framework. We seek to provide investment solutions using sophisticated quantitative techniques that incorporate fundamental insights and vast amounts of market information. While Alpha Bright Asset Management investment strategies are highly systematic in nature, the processes deployed within these strategies are built and overseen by talented professionals with significant and diverse investment experience. Innovative research plays a central role in our investment philosophy and process and is an essential component of our firm’s ability to deliver attractive investment solutions. Our research uses fundamental intuition, market intelligence, modern finance, and scientific portfolio theory and methods. Each of our investment strategies is based on a multi-model approach to portfolio management that seeks to generate alpha with greater consistency and that facilitates the regular addition of newly developed models.

prosperity through innovation

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